Monica Broussard



The Evolution of Love


The Greeks used many different words to describe love: Éros (intimate love/sexual passion), Philia (deep friendship), Ludus (playful love), Agápe (unconditional love), and Storge (love for parents), Pragma (longstanding love), Philautia (love for one self), Mania (obsessive love).

Love is one of the most profound emotions a person can experience; The Love of God, Romantic love, First Love, True Love, Eternal Love are just to name a few.  Most people will seek an intimate relationship that will become one of the most meaningful aspects of their life while providing a deep emotional fulfillment.

Do you remember your First Love? Of course you do. There is no love like the first. That is something that stays with a person forever.  The innocence and magic of our First Love is impossible to match. Our First Love experience can leave a lasting imprint, influencing who and how we fall in love in the future.

When experiencing that First Love for the first time, our psyche and heart begin a complex scan. We pick up the obvious cues like physique and facial structure, as well as subtle cues such as facial expression, body language or the nuance of the voice. We process this information instantly which will create a desire or lack thereof. This emotion that is born of countless unknowable forces will forge an attraction rooted in the deep spaces of our being. We are wired with desire and to value love.

So, what does True Love look like?

True Love is found in your soul mate: comprised of respect, care and admiration while giving to the relationship unconditionally without expecting something back. True Love is being willing to sacrifice for their happiness or wellbeing; with the ultimate goal to please your partner and make them feel loved and special. With a True Love you will keep your promises to your partner while seeing them as part of your life and future. True Love takes time to blossom with the ultimate reward of happiness.

Eternal Love is a love that can withstand the test of time and the messiness of the world. It is a compassionate friendship love that comes with experiencing life together; weaving a tapestry of a lifetime of memories and moments of perfection and imperfection creating a lasting love.

Perhaps the most important secret of an Eternal Love is the understanding that there will be times of strife but always looking to resolve any and all issues enabling you both to move forward while growing that love and creating a type of magnetic happiness. When you focus your energy on the positive thinking coupled with positive actions you can continue to enjoy the sparks that come with that initial love that can span the test of time.

For the most part, Love is no fairy tale but Love can make you happy, sad and angrier than you've ever been. It will also elate and deflate you at the same time.  Love can be forever; love can be with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day