Monica Broussard



One-Eyed Rabbit




Early each morning shortly after having my mastectomy and being diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer, I would sit at my kitchen table in my nook. Looking out the double French doors and watch my favorite rabbit feed on the lawn.


As I sat there watching him one morning, I could see that one of its ears lay back. After a few minutes it hopped around to face me, I was horrified to see that not only was his ear shredded but his eye was gone.


I started to cry, but after a few moments, I thought, “Right now I have to save my energy for me”.


I remember saying out loud, “Sorry little bunny, I can’t save you, I have to figure out how to save myself right now.


A couple of weeks later my mom sat with me at the kitchen table looking out into the yard.  I had told her about the one-eyed rabbit.


We both watched as it sat on the wall at the corner of the yard.


With one giant leap, it flew through the air and landed on the other side of the yard. We both had never seen anything like this before. It was like watching a super rabbit.


This little one-eyed rabbit became my inspiration. With one ear torn to shreds and with one eye missing not only did it recover--but it became more than it once was, it became a super rabbit.


I knew that if this little rabbit could overcome such odds--


I should be looking at--not what I used to be--


but who I would be next?