Monica Broussard

A Time Will Come


“A time will come where we will conquer the entire world and have Sharia Law.”

A great recruiting ground for terrorists; it is now divided into three separate states, Sunni, Shite and Kurd.  Iraq was built on the wrong foundation and is now a failed state. Over 3 million people have fled their homes and are living in makeshift camps.

The volunteer forces that consist of local people receive no pay. They train with minimal weapons salvaged from the former Iraqi Army. The Tribal leaders initially welcomed the ISIS insurgents because they were against the U.S. The insurgents turned against the tribal leaders slaughtered their children, burned their men and raped their women, forcing them to marry other men.

ISIS is an Islamic gang made up of young Arab thugs with nothing to lose. They kill for the victory and if they should be killed they believe they go to heaven. They have weapons captured from the Iraqi military forces. They have tanks and Hummers, artillery and mortars, recoilless rifles and many other resources.

If they lose 10 fighters 100 replace them. The fighters come from all across the Arab countries and have been flocking to join ISIS from Afghanistan, Egypt, and Syria—

ISIS has promised attacks on anyone who joins in the fight against them but has also promised to attack all countries in the world when they participated with America in the bombing coalition of Muslims. ISIS also has soldiers all over the world that will fight, bomb and kill. When they capture journalists they will kill them.

In the Sunni State 200 new fighters show up a day to fight. Syrian refugees describe the atrocities as they were firing at everyone and beheading whomever they caught, they would then play with the heads like a soccer ball. They fled the villages while all the homes were destroyed.

Their army has subdivisions with an internal strategy. They have enough weapons to last a lifetime and will fight to the death. When they target a region they make a strategic plan using car bombs, and things that you can’t even imagine.

The Kurdish Peshmerga fights ISIS in the north with no support from the outside world and has been successful in holding them back.  Every able bodied man has joined the force. Their moto is If ISIS attacks they will destroy them and wipe them out before they will let Kurdistan fall. They are fighting for a free and independent country. Iraq is in the process of being divided and the Kurds are protecting their territory.

Kurdistan has become the refuge state for the Christian Yazidis. 40,000 of this minority sec had been stranded on a mountain as ISIS Jihadists performed executions, rape, and torture since 2014 to present sending over 200,000 into camps with thousands killed. Their goal is to obliterate them completely.

Like the Ambar tribes the Kurds must scavenge for their weapons and do not receive any pay or supplies. ISIS plants IED’s along the roads, when a convoy passes, they will blow it up causing many casualties.

Another small group who are having success in fighting ISIS is the Shite militias who have killed many U.S. troops in past years and are subsidized by Iran. Their weapons and supplies come from Baghdad which means they indirectly are coming from the United States and Iran. So, even if this radical Shite militia should defeat ISIS this will still be bad news.  This militant group has vowed to destroy America, and Israel. The leader of this group used to kill people with power drills by piercing the skulls of his adversaries.

Washington’s stance is that we are not cooperating with the Militia forces and that we are backing the Iraqi government. But Baghdad has been fully penetrated by these Iranian sponsored groups. Many of them are now in charge of the security service, on the front lines of the militia groups receiving American weapons, receiving American tanks, and they have American air support with American diplomatic cover. So, we are backing the Iranian commanded Shite militias to defeat ISIS who are guilty of the same atrocities and war crimes that ISIS is known for. They are beheading and torturing and still receiving billions of dollars in military equipment from the United States every day. This is another reason why the civilians will not go back into the areas that have been recaptured. The alternative is not any better.

This very dangerous enemy is being treated like an ally when they are a strategic threat to American interests. A critical mass of the Baghdad government is now being run by Iran. We are leveraging one radical Islamist group against another. We are creating a new monster.

Russia is stepping up and taking advantage of the United States policy weakness in the region and suppling military and technical support to Iraq and Syria and to other countries that counter terrorist groups. Their policy in Iraq and Syria are interlinked.  They intend to remove all opposition to their ally President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria the notorious brutal dictator who used chemical weapons on his own people. They believe the removal of this government would paralyze the state system and Syria would disintegrate into several regions. The terrorist will spread across the modern civilized world.

The Russians now have an air base located in Syria. Jets take off one right after another armed for combat missions with predetermined targets and return empty.

Russian warships have now entered the region since the shooting down of one of their planes over Turkey.  They are now prepared for war against National armies and navies.

It is now just a question of when. Thousands of foreign fighters carry western passports. The stance of letting them fight it out between themselves and think they are just going to kill each other will leave us with whoever emerges, to be the most determined, extreme and the most ruthless.  They will then turn their sights to something really tempting, America.  


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