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God's Protection

God’s Protection

Do you believe that you have guardian angels protecting you?

I do…

Luke 4:10                    “for it is written,


I’ve been lost in subways when suddenly people appeared out of nowhere to help--

In car accidents, where the last thing I remember is praying for God to protect me as the Convertible Corvair Car I was riding in rolled down a 400ft embankment.  

I escaped with a cut on the back of my head and a shard of glass in my back.

Last month, my husband and I went back to Louisiana to attend his older sister, Ann’s funeral.

We had been at the funeral home and then in church for most of the day. We left the church and went to the graveyard where we stood listening to a saxophone play the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow--

While Ann’s Granddaughter released butterflies into the air.

It was a wonderful send off for a beautiful and loving mother and grandmother who had suffered with Alzheimer’s for over ten years.

After the funeral, we attended the repass--

then cleaned the banquet hall and went back to the house of my husband’s youngest sibling of nine-- Fannie nicknamed Shot.

Shot felt that since we were only there for a day, she would take us out to dinner for some boiled crab.

The Crawfish were out of season.

Shot knows everyone around town and everyone knows her. Most people call her Miss Fannie but some only know her as the brownie lady because she bakes continuously giving anyone for any reason a plate of brownies to take home.

Once we were at the Boiling Point Restaurant the owner came over to our table to give her condolences. Shot explained to her how beautiful the funeral had been and how butterflies had been released while a saxophone played Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Our order of boiled crabs came and the owner excused herself from the table to go back to work.

A little while later the owner of the restaurant came back to the table and in her hand was a butterfly. What made this so unusual is it was night time. It had already turned dark outside.

She said, “this little guy keeps trying to get inside the door so I figured it was here for you all.”

I took it as a spiritual sign and felt we were still in the presence of the love that had been shared throughout the day. The owner took the butterfly away and came back with it in a jar. Shot wanted to take it and show it to Ann’s daughter and granddaughter and then release it in the yard of her deceased sister’s Ann’s house.

After dinner the three of us climbed back into the rental car to go home. My husband decided to take the frontage road instead of backtracking to get back onto the freeway.

I sat in the back seat while the two siblings visited in the front. While they were talking, I heard my sister-in-law say, “I think there’s a curve up here”, she repeated, “There’s a curve here”.

The next thing I know we hit the curve at over 50 miles an hour catapulted us off the road. The backend of the car whipped around sideways with the nose of the car pointed up in the air toward the highway while the rear end of the car hung on the ditch.

We slid sideways along the embankment of the ditch that ran along the side of the road.  I held on to the door handle while bracing myself, saying “hold on, hold on”— because in my mind I expected the next thing to happen was for the car to hit one of the cement drain caldrons that ran every couple hundred feet to flip the car.


we slid for a few seconds then the wheel whipped back around ejecting us straight up out of the ditch and over the embankment to the asphalt road, spun back a 180 degrees then stopped very gently at the stop sign at the end of what we now realized was an S curve.

Ultimately the landing ended at the stop sign of the main highway.

We were all quite calm for what had just happened. My husband said it felt like someone had taken the wheel, the way the car reacted it absolutely felt like our guardian angels were in control the way car slid so lightly and when it hit the pavement, there was not so much as a jerk-- as it glided to a stop.

Sound familiar? Have you experienced a time where things that happened seemed supernatural?

Guardian angels may protect you from harm either by rescuing you from danger or preventing you from entering a dangerous situation.

A guardian angel may be at work at protecting you right now:

This fallen world is full of danger. Hazards such as illness and injuries pepper our paths.

God will choose to allow people to suffer the consequences of sin in the world--

if doing so will fulfill good purposes in their lives.

But quite often, God will send guardian angels to protect us when we are in danger--

when it doesn’t interfere with either human free will or God’s purposes.

Psalm 34:7      The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them.

On 10/17/17:   I dreamed I was walking down the street my Adult Children live on.

Across the street from their house two Doberman pinchers came running out at full speed ready to attack. I dropped and curled up into a ball because there was nothing I could do—

I just lay there waiting for the onslaught of the attack. Then nothing they ran past me. I looked up to see them stop—

circle around sniffing the ground like they were looking for something but couldn’t see or smell me.

I realized someone was standing near watching all of this transpire. Then it occurred to me that I had been cloaked. The dogs could not see or smell me.

I was fully protected from their attack.

Daniel 6:22     "My God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths and they have not harmed me."

My revelation to this dream is whoever listens to God’s voice and lives by God’s word can be under God’s protection and live without fear.


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