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Graven Image

Graven Image

               Television has been a part of our lives for over a hundred years now. The idea of the television was officially announced at the World’s fair in Paris at the first International Congress of Electricity in 1900. The 1920’s was the time of research and development and by 1930 the first commercial was broadcast. Two hundred television programs existed by the 1980’s.

               The introduction of Cable television for the rural areas of the United States happened in 1948. The first color television, remote control and recording system appeared in the 1950’s.

               The 1960’s brought the first Satellite broadcast and the 1970’s gave us the big screen, video cassette recording, satellite delivery system. The 1980’s catapult us forward 1,125 lines of resolution, surround sound, super-recording systems. The 1990’s continue the advances in technology with closed caption, and HDTV standard; exploding consumption to a billion televisions worldwide.

               Television is a constant presence commanding people’s attention; competing in combination with cell phones and computers, human interaction has been brought down to a minimum.

               These electronics have hypnotized our society while influencing our views, attitudes, and beliefs and affecting our social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds ultimately dictating our behavior and thought process.

               One of the hardest hit has been the Church. Poll results show 68% of men in American society view porn on a regular basis. It is common knowledge that porn is addictive and children are now exposed at a much earlier age.

The majority of our citizens have always professed to be Christians; but the boxes we idolize on our walls engage us in scenes of sex, greed, and violence. Every night we come home after a long day at work, sit down in front of our idol and intently absorb into our brains whatever poison is administered.  It has become a convenient projection of us being the center of the universe. It hypnotizes us into believing that money, power and comfort is what we should worship.

Television has become the biggest stepping stone between man and God.


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