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The Witness Perspective

The Witness Perspective


A couple weeks ago I was out running and listening to scripture, as I came back to my house, I asked the Lord,

“What should I be called?”

You see, This question has plagued me for quite some time.

My friends have asked me…

My family just assumes I’m Catholic because I attend Mass.

My church has called me Charismatic…

The answer for me is not a simple one.

Am I Catholic Christian? Charismatic Catholic? Born Again…


God answered immediately and said, “My Child.”

I said, “Thank you, Father.”

My heart was touched being given such a title as an offspring of the Most High.

But then the question was still there…I asked, “but what should I be called on earth …”

He said, “My Witness.”

So I began my research to be able to understand what the definition of a Witness is, by God’s standards.

In Psalms, it says that a witness is someone who shares his experience with God,

And with other people. So how do I do that?

2 Corinthians 13:5  says “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves!”


So, what does God really want from us?

God wants you to be filled with His joy, peace, and hope in every situation,

but often these qualities shine the most in the midst of trials and pain.

God’s goal for us is not primarily that we be happy, but that we be holy. Even Jesus learned obedience through the things He suffered.

When we learn to submit to God’s sovereign hand through the trials we experience…

to trust Him and look to Him as our strength and hope in these trials,

we grow in holiness and abound in His joy, peace, and hope

as we give witness to His testimony with The goal of our Christian life to become like Jesus.

When we abandon God’s truth and turn to the self-centered approach...

the problem is not that God’s Word has been tried and failed,

but that it hasn’t been followed completely.

We are to seek God with all our hearts and not lean on our own or the world’s understanding.

We are to seek first His kingdom and righteousness, not the things the world seeks.

We can’t understand our own hearts completely if we are blinded by sin.

 Only God knows us thoroughly… and only in His Word does He tell us how we must live to experience His blessing.

Specifically, His Word warns us against walking in the counsel of the wicked and promises that if we delight in His law, we will be blessed.

Remember, Satan is a deceiver. The best counterfeits look like the real thing, but they are false substitutes.

Biblical terms are replaced by counterfeit terms; Such as….

Drunkenness is called alcoholism;

enslavement to sin is called addiction;

sin is called sickness or disease;

repentance is called recovery.

Words Can express truth or error. The biblical terms are important.

We don’t repent of sickness; we recover. We don’t recover from sin; we repent.

The Bible repeatedly warns against trusting in anything or anyone other than the one true God. To do so is the essence of idolatry.

Every age has its own special characteristics and our age is no different. The apostle Paul warned that in the last days, men would be “lovers of self…rather than lovers of God.” 

Wrong thinking about ourselves is at the heart of a lot of misery, fear, doubt, loneliness, and withdrawal.

We need to be careful... low self-esteem or a collection of self-centered thoughts rather than biblical God-centered thoughts determine how we fit into the God’s plan...

Are we exalting or lifting up ourselves…

or exalting God and His plan and revelation concerning who we are as a witness?

So, What is God’s standard to witness…

First, we must have a (biblical) self-concept. Thinking properly about ourselves...

in the light of God’s grace is important to our spiritual maturity, and for healthy spiritual lives.

The subject of our self-concept or self-image or what people choose to call us creates a kind of paradox.

As a creation of God...

created in God’s image and redeemed by His grace, we have value and purpose in life. That purpose is to witness to his glory.

So how do we focus while in the world and at the same time have a biblical concept, a proper viewpoint that sets us free to serve the living God, that sets us free from those who create false agendas, made-up names, and selfish motives?

That we think properly about ourselves is most important and commanded in Scripture.


In Romans, Paul is calling for grounded biblical revelation and faith in the work of God. It means we are to look at ourselves through the lens of Scripture.

Quite contrary to our society today, we are warned against thinking too little of ourselves.

Thinking properly about ourselves stems from right thinking about God, but then that extends to right thinking about others so that it results in a freedom to serve according to the grace of God.


Let me ask a couple questions:

Who am I as a witness?

Have I accepted who I am as a person, not my sin or sinful habits, but the uniqueness God has created in me as a person?

Do I play a key role in the joy my family and friends experience their life?

We tend to act in harmony with our mental self-portrait. If we don’t like the kind of person we are, we think no one else likes us either. And that influences our social life, our job performance, and our relationships with others.

A biblical concept of God and His grace is important to a solid spiritual maturity, to ministry, for our ability to lead, and for our ability to serve others.

Without a biblical concept of ourself, we end up promoting personal agendas. To seek position, power, and praise for what we should be glorifying God for.

Thus, in order to effectively witness to others, we must think biblically about who we are by knowing our abilities and limitations while always keeping in mind a biblical view of God,

Why is thinking in biblical terms important?

Without it, we will vacillate between fear and pride or between insecurity and overconfidence running around in worthless activity trying to feel good about ourselves because of our achievements.

When we are in the presence of people who remind us of our shortcomings or whose judgment we value and want to influence…we are so self-conscious that we cannot give sufficient attention to others.

As a result, we may be regarded as being either uncaring or proud. Our feelings of inadequacy prevent us from reaching out…

Robbing us of our energy and God-given powers.

What we need is a holy boldness and a relaxed confidence based on knowing God’s voice.

Knowing that we are each His unique creation both physically and spiritually.

How can we arrive at a state of mature spiritual witnessing?

By a sense of self-worth and value from a union and co-identification with Jesus… With His personal gifts, and provision, and by knowing He has a purpose for each of us.

God’s Word of Truth in the Bible is clear… we often need the wise counsel of those who are mature in the faith.

We dare not be independent Christians, living apart from the body of Christ of which we are members. We desperately need one another, just as my hand needs my arm.

Those who are strong.. need to patiently admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, and help the weak. Thus we need to witness through biblical counsel,

What motivated you to get out of bed this morning?

Was it work?

For me, it was engaging in the perpetual drive to help make my father healthy again. To pick up my granddaughter from school and have a story to tell her. To fix dinner for my tired and hungry husband. And to be here today to witness for God and fulfill my destiny.


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