Monica Broussard

Cooking with God

Cooking with God

                Some people think that when you warm up a micro-wave dinner this is cooking. There are the pre-packaged foods that we can throw together; there are the packaged seasonings that we can put in food. There are the canned and frozen ingredients that we mix together. Then there is cooking from scratch. Understanding from beginning to end what makes the entrée.  A true cook can create and modify a dish on command and is familiar with the utensils in the kitchen and how they are used. 

                Using this analogy, there are different Christians, just like there are different types of cooks. Ones that choose to take the instant religion route and then there are the Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit but still need to access the recipe book. In this case the recipe book is the bible.  The Bible gives us the ingredients for a Spirit filled life.  Why would you choose to pick up an instant dinner when you can have a culinary delight?  The same steps you take to learn how to cook are the same steps you take to become a true Christian.

                I can hear it now, who has the time, energy, money?

What if I told you that when you start to learn the ingredients (The Word) and start cooking for yourself that you become more organized giving you more time, healthier giving you more energy and once you start to understand the process, you will prosper.