Monica Broussard

When God Speaks

Our Father hears every prayer. To hear God’s answer sometimes takes a little time and faith. 

The verification of God’s answer will be by events that will occur before and after it is received.  

A couple weeks before we left for our family vacation to Hawaii, my husband suggested that I should ask God as to what my Guardian Angels looks like since they make their presence known quite often.  I did as he suggested then frankly forgot about it.

I had felt in my heart for a long time that the trip to Hawaii was going to be special not only because it was our first big family vacation but because it is the 10 year anniversary of our encounter with the Rainbow.  The first week we stayed on the island of Kauai and the Wednesday before Easter I had a dream or flashback.

I am sitting on the side of a swimming pool and a child swims up and kisses the top of my foot.  It surprises me but when I look at the child in the water he looks up at me with a loving smile and I recognize his face and realize that this has happened to me before.  But this time I felt the child was trying to make an impression on me.

The first time it happened I believe I was playing with my sister’s children in a pool, I was preoccupied so when it happened, it was so quick I thought, “children do the weirdest things” and never had a second thought about it.

This time when he kissed the top of my foot he stayed floating in front of me with a big smile, I could see he was trying to make an impression on me. I could feel the adoring love and his face was very familiar. Once I realized what was happening, he turned and swam away and the dream or vision ended.

Thursday morning, my husband and I, with our oldest son and his family went out on a kayaking trip; driving back we heard on the radio that it was Holy Thursday or Covenant Thursday, the day Jesus washed the Apostles feet and the day of the Last Supper.  At that moment I had a revelation, the kiss on the top of the foot not only was performed by my guardian angel but was a gesture of love and humility representing Holy Thursday. It also represented the Covenant, which is the sign of the bow from God to Man hence the anniversary of the Rainbow encounter ten years earlier.

The Saturday before Easter we left for Maui to meet the rest of the family, our oldest son went back home to take care of the family business.

 Saturday night, Passover began and I had a dream of a river flowing full of people.  They all seemed to be content to be flowing along in the current of the river. I stood on the bank and watched as they went by.

Sunday Night, Easter Eve, I had a dream that there is a line of people standing in front of what appears to be some sort of check-in desk. They have all turn in my direction and are looking to my left. There is a pillar that I have to look around to see what has their attention.  I look over to find an 18ft warrior standing to my left. I look back at the people again and they are looking back at me and that they are not afraid because they realize he is with me. He is my second Guardian Angel.

Just from my first testimony you can see how the layers build and intertwine.  That is why it is so important for me to stay in the Living Word so that I can recognize and hope to understand when God Speaks.