Monica Broussard

Recognizing God’s Hand


Mr. Toastmaster, Ladies, and Gentlemen,


In the story of the exodus from Egypt, God's hand is described as mighty.

"The Hand" can represent power, control or ownership.

But I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless a mighty hand compels him. So I will stretch out my hand and strike the Egyptians with all the wonders that I will perform among them. After that, he will let you go. Exodus 3:19-20

With the miracles exercised by God through Moses, the Hebrews overcame the hand of the Egyptians with plagues and the parting of the Red Sea.

The hand's raised position can be used in blessing and in making an oath before God.

The thumb of the right hand receives the sacrificial blood or the oil when the whole person is ritually cleansed. This symbolism is carried into the New Testament, when Jesus and the apostles heal and deliver through the touch of the hand.

God's hand is normally understood as a metaphor-- but in the prophetic books-- something like a hand is felt and is seen lifting Ezekiel, or writing on a wall in Daniel, holding a plumb line in Amos, and emanating rays when Christ holding the seven stars.

The right hand of God is understood to be a place of salvation, refuge, and protection. It is the favored position for the firstborn and for the chosen one who sits at God's right hand while judgment is rendered upon the earth.

Jesus sitting at God's right hand, intercedes as a priest for believers and exercises authority over all powers.

As explained to us in the Scriptures one of the clear actions of God is His relentless activity on behalf of His children. This is seen in the Old Testament with the life of His chosen people, the Jews and in the New Testament, the church.

But how does He deal with His children when we are disobedient and rushing headlong into sin?

A lot of times we will give up on the people that fail.

God cannot.

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus through His adopted children.

But it can be easy to misinterpret some of His actions--

His discipline to bring us to repentance--

The Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Hebrews that God disciplines those He loves like a loving father.

During the actual moments of this corrective discipline—

it can be “sorrowful and or mournful” but afterwards it will yield the “peaceful fruit of righteousness.”

So, how does this happen?

Sometimes it’s active and sometimes passive.

God’s right hand is always used as the symbol of His power. It is His right hand that repeatedly saves and protects us.

For instance, there are times when God sends judgments directly. But there are other times when he simply lifts His hand from us.

How does His discipline come?

--By simply removing His protective hand.

When God’s hand is removed, Satan and all his emissaries have the freedom to illustrate to us what pure evil is.

On 9/11 and now with the Las Vegas massacre, the unadulterated wickedness we saw and felt is what our nation would be like if we did not have God’s hand to protect us from evil.


We can rant and rave at God. But we should be careful.

If we ignore God and remove Him from every conversation--

and in our decision making process—

We are saying, “We do not want You here! Take your controlling hand off our lives and our communities! Leave us alone. Let us be in charge!”

God is patient and realizes that we do not know what we are saying.

But when we are unrelenting in our rebellion-- killing millions of babies, letting our leaders put the sign of the covenant, the rainbow, on the White House to represent the destruction of marriage and promote homosexuality-- there comes a point when He lets us have our request and removes Himself, knowing that the only thing that might help us is to feel the weight of a world--  without His protection.

And the results-- are always disastrous-- because we are wrestling not with flesh and blood but with enemies, principalities and powers with 100% evil intent.

Isn’t that the purpose of our discipline with our own children?

We want them to learn, to mature, to grow up and realize how utterly foolish it is to ignore the right path.

So what is God telling us?

He is calling the church to wake up and recognize what’s happening. We must cry out for ourselves, our children, our nation help them understand what is really happening. God always relents quickly when approached in humility.

God does not—cannot—

simply stop the ways we misuse and abuse our freedom and power--

 God cannot stop the natural results of rebellion.

When this happens, nature falls into chaos, the destroyer destroys, and sin brings death.

God simply withdraws His hand of protection and allows people to suffer the consequences for their sin- -for chaos to reign—

and for Satan to bring death and destruction.

Satan is at war with God and His creation and seeks to destroy. Wherever sin is found, it eats away at everything it touches.

We must not be too quick to say that God has withdrawn His protection from a certain person or place.

Jesus says that God wants to gather us under His wing for protection, but we were not willing!

As a result, death and destruction will come upon His people because they would not listen to His warnings and are not willing to come to Him.

And so, death would come, not from God, but from the armies that would sweep in and leave not one stone standing upon another.

Lift your hand to the Lord and accept his blessing!!!